Client Resources-

  • Privacy Policy
    Redwood Roofing, LLC does not sell or share any private information collected from customers. When necessary, estimate details may be discussed with homeowner's insurance company for the purpose of negotiating pricing.


  • Weather Policy
    To ensure the protection of your home, we do not remove existing roofing if there is a 40% chance of rain or greater according to either WCBI weather or

  • Leak Repair Policy
    If you have a leak on a Redwood Roof, please call our office today for priority service, regardless of when the roof was installed. If your roof is less than five years old and was not installed by Redwood Roofing, you MUST call the original installer for any repairs. For all other roofing issues, we will be glad to assist you with repairs. Please understand that in some cases, finding the cause of the leak may require a trial and error investigative process that could require more than one service call and fee. We will do our best to inform you of what to expect when you call for repair. We cannot offer any warranty on repairs to roofs we did not install.

  • Shingle Colors
    Please see below for a variety of shingle colors we offer in the Atlas Pinnacle Pristine line - limited lifetime warranty shingles guaranteed to never show those unsightly black algae streaks! Call our office for addresses where you can see each color installed on a roof near you!